To Read

Under the Tuscan Sun – Frances Meyes
Twilight – Stephen Meyer
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon – A journey through Yugoslavia
Ireland – Elisabetta Canoro
Reading lolitha in Teheran

If any of you have read the above books, send me your comments.

Forbidden Territory

Forbidden territory is a movie about Africa. Its difficult to understand explorers, especially the ones who go to unknown territories. The ones, who would put their lives on the line for the passion of traveling the land no man has travelled before.

I love exploring, especially places that i would never be able to go back to again. I want to have touched every stone and visited every spot so i wouldnt have missed anything. The excitment comes mostly from doing the research previously and the anticipation of seeing the places that were pieces of my imagination.

Africa is a wonder land. The lesser it is explored the more mysterious and thereby the more sort after the nation becomes. The movie is about a man Henry Morgan Stanley who goes in search of a missionary named Livingston. After he finds him, they make a deal to explore the source of the mother Nile and then Livingston promises to return to England with Stanley. During the course of this trip, they discover each other – One finds a father he never had, the other finds his long lost son who died in the war front.

Faith gives strength and makes us do things which we would otherwise never dream of doing. Even when people we love the most disappoint us, when we spend months dreaming of the day we would be cared for in their arms and they turn their back on us, this strength gets us through the days.

Watching a movie wade through Africa is a visual treat and when it has a plot that is as capitulating as the characterization as this movie, it is a satisfaction to the mind.

Aidan Quinn’s portrayal was picture perfect. His cold blue eyes convey every emotion vividly. When he stares at his lost love, his eyes are like the iceberg and when he tries to bid adieu to Livingston, his eyes are pools of painful tears that would’nt flow down. Every emotion is bought out to perfection and i think he is a class actor.