Between Sisters

I picked up Kirtin Hannah’s book by accident. It was on the bestseller of Barnes and Noble and i wasnt even looking to pick a book. I loved her first book and i picked up another one and followed it up with Between Sisters.

I’m staying with my sister and it has been quite awhile since we stayed under the same roof. We are pretty close and sometimes we know exactly what to do and she has always looked out for me. It makes it all the more special when you get a chance to stay together in a foreign land.

Reading this book was like looking through us again. The elder ones are always protective and consider their younger sister almost like their own offspring. They know what to shield the younger ones from. The younger ones are philosophical and emotional and always think from the heart. Neither can go through the rough patch without the other. I cant imagine waiting for my 12th results without my sister going hither thither trying to find out how much i screwed up.

I would recommend this book to all who have siblings and can relate to being the elder one or the younger one. It makes you understand the tempo and the thoughts that run through the other sometimes the ones you missed. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and as always i find Hannah’s writing applaudabile. So i went and picked up another one of hers, fingers crossed.


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