Diets dont work

I keep seeing the weight watchers ad on TV and although i find it interesting until i actually went on a diet, i never realized how difficult and restraining diets were.

About a year ago, i did a week of GM diet not for losing weight but for health reasons. I read about it and found it a very intriguing way to get rid of the toxins sitting comfortably in me.
Now am in a desperate need to get rid of the extra fat sitting in me, so i decided to do it again.

I cant remember if the first time it was this difficult but am having trouble sticking to the diet. Maybe in the past few days, i have been eating cheesecake and ice cream(hence the diet) so its self-restraining and over the edge to eat watermelons and steamed vegetables.

As per the GM diet, the first day is only fruits and if you stick to watermelons there is a chance to lose more lbs. There are six more days to go and i keep wondering if all this is going to show to a difference in the weighing scale.

The first time around i stuck only to the diet, but since am more desperate am gymming everyday as well. More updates as the diet progresses.


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