Rainy Days

When it rains the only thing i want to do is to curl up with a book and a steaming cup of coffee. But today i did something different. I sat on my favourite recliner from where i can peer at the world outside. I gazed at the rain , the sky and the greenery that comes alive once the rain stops.
I played Suttum Vizhi Sudar Than in my laptop and it was perfect.

I have always had a strong fascination for Bharathiyaar songs and this one tops the list. There is something incredibly romantic and mystic about the way the song ends – Maruva Kathal Kondaen, it makes me wonder what was running on his mind when he penned these words.

As i watched the rain, i wondered if there was a way one could wash away the pain and the unwanted memories we had in our lives. Was it as simple as taking a bath and absolving all those sins or does it always require deep introspection. When the greenery comes alive and gushes emerald at me, i wonder do we also feel deeply rejunevated when the past fades away and there is only hope for the future and the joy of the present.

Rain drops and Bharathi are a heady combination, even better than books and coffee.

Coming Soon – KUSELAN

I can still recollect standing in line eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of Shivaji and watching it as early as possible. Now in a few days Superstar hits the screen again with a cameo in Kuselan.

Although it is a remake of a Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol, the music and the shots i have seen so far are promising.

As long as it has the adrenaline pumping drama of the superstar, i have no complaints. The countdown begins.

The world in my Hands!!!

I logged into facebook after a really long time and found this tool and really liked it. I always wanted to keep track of the places i’ve visited and the ones am eager to visit. I recently wanted to do a wholescale research on Alaska and then i dint want to plan too much too early so i stopped.

Here is a snapshot of the places i’ve visited and some which i want to visit. Also specially marked are the places that are my favourites. This is a tool provided by tripadvisor and although the original tool provides the names of the cities i decided to leave it aside for you guys to guess!! So go ahead and have some fun.

Sex and the City

When you are bored to your wits end and then utterly jobless, i thank god for sitcoms like Friends and Sex and the City.

I have watched FRIENDS so many times that i can even remember the witty remarks of Chandler and every episode crystal clear so this time around i chose SATC to kill my boredom.
My good friend K had told me about this sitcom when i had kicked the idiot box out of my life and finally i found my way to it.

Although i was skeptical about the series and wondered which would feature more Sex or the City, having watched it i could say two scoops of each and shake it with a Cosmo and have four women talk about men and add a pinch of platonic love and there you go.

Aside the trashiness and the nudeness portrayed in the series, i actually got around liking this one and maybe i would watch the movie someday. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are good friends and its easy to say who you like the best. I thouroughly loved Miranda.

The series ends with a rendevouz in Paris but if your bored to your bones there are many sites which screen them online or better yet you can read the book first. I would say just plunge into it and go with the flow.