The Things we do for Love

Kristin Hannah again. Thats the fourth book i’ve read in 6 months. I’m really fond of her writing.

A women trying hard to conceive and failing three times and a girl forever trying to find a mother in her own mom. The choices we make as girls can haunt us more in our later lives.

It is important to find love in life. I beleive that if you can wake up everyday with hope and love then getting through the day makes it that much more easier. Although romances are for books only it is nice to beleive in them. Lauren and Angie connect to each other and look out for each other and there is something charming about the DeSaria family. The mother who talks to the husband long after he is dead and the sisters who are opinionated but still manage to look out for each other. It is only when you have a family do you realize the importance of putting your loved ones in front of your own needs.
Kristin Hannah’s style of writing is really gripping and opens doors into your soul. The book was a lovely read and definetly recommended.

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