The Friday Night Knitting Club

36 hours on a flight from SFO to Chennai and the first thing i did was land up in Barnes and Noble to pick up a book to read when am not dozzing or seeing reruns of the movies in the flight. I had to choose between The Namesake, Berlin and Something borrowed. Then i saw this one and was captivated with the color of yarns – noth the best way to pick a book. Never to judge a book by its cover i flipped it open to read the first few lines. Ofcourse i read the synopsis and decided this would be a good one to carry along.
Georgia Walker is a single mom, a business women and a great friend. She and her daughter Dakota own and run the store – Walker and Daughter where the Friday Night Knitting club was born. Lucie – TV Producer, Darwin – Thessis student, Peri – visionary entrepreneur, K.C – laid off publisher, Cat – rich New Yorker and Anita – the wonder women have something to discuss, lament and rejoice during their club meetings. All are welcome whether they knit or not.
This book inspired among many other things, my hand at knitting. Sometimes when i read books i wonder if i would have been a different person if i were not born in India and then begin to ponder what are the things that restrict me and be the way i am. The answer almost always startles me because it is my desire or lack of it to pursue the things that interest me and get sucked in the daily monotone of life.
That said, some of the characters are beautifully portrayed like Anita who is wealthy but manages not to see the money but the life is people and value it. Georgia and Dakota get their share of the limelight but i think the number of characters should have been limited because some of them dont get the significance and are lost in your mind. Also the book is too long and somehow you wanted it to end more quickly. 
All said this book is refreshing for a first time author and i would recomment it.

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