When i landed in JFK, i was greeted with shades of red. The leaves were all in different hues and shades and it was a breath taking sight. The rustic red was nestled between subtle yellows and deep orange and if you have always thought of the color of leaves as green, this was a treat to your eyes.

I thoroughly relished the sight of Fall and was drunk in crimson. Little did i know that such joy lasts for not more than a week. The morning after, the leaves started falling. When i looked out of my window i could almost hear the thud when each one fell flat on the ground, lifeless and in mourning. I felt sorry for the bare trees.

Today when i look out, all i see are the leaf-less trees waiting for the snow to settle. But what cheers me is that pretty soon, there will be new leaves and the trees will come alive again. With everything that ends, a new beginning awaits you, so there is no sorrow that is too hard to cope with.

I seem to love the seasons and the changes they bring along, since for almost a quarter of a century i have basked in nothing but sunlight. So everyday when the sun peeks through my window i cherish it and my whole day becomes cheery. Seasons are good and change is always for the better.

To a new beginning and a new place.

Shoe addicts anonymous

What is it with Manalos and NY women? Is Prada the answer to your solitude searches? Will Jimmy Choos lighten up your day as much as wine ‘n dine?

The answer to this what i hoped to find when i picked up Shoe Addicts Anonymous. If you have watched Sex and the City you would understand a wee bit of why NY women swarm up the shoe stores and have closets designed with a larger than life shoe rack. But honestly, the book was not quite intriguing.

It dint make funny anecdotes about the shoes or the people who wear them. It doesnt explain the character’s passion for the leather or how it seems to wash away the pain and lack of happiness. Shoes bring four women in an ever-lasting camaraderie but doesnt seem to delve deeply into the bonds of friendship itself.

This book is a light read and probably enjoyable for those who are forever in love with footwear.