Ever since Monica and Chandler declared that they were not soul mates, I wondered if there was really something destined, pre-planned about marriage and would it guarantee that you live happily every after.

I’m not sure whether soul mates exist, but this is more about believing in such an intended, fatalistic knot between two strangers who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. The more I think about, the more I’m convinced that it is a hard-to-believe concept.

Relationships require lot of investment – Investment of time, care, love, money. It requires lot of patience and endurance, giving up the insignificant clichés and fighting for things that matter most. Definitely such a thing is complicated and nobody would make it easier by suggesting that throw a net and find your soul mate and I give you a 100% (time-back) guarantee of happiness, not even the almighty. Having said that why is it that some couples are happy and some are hanging by the thread, staying together for society and not truly finding the satisfaction of having a better half.

With no experience in marital life, even I can say that there are days when you would most likely want to kill the other person or not even bother to strike a conversation. The silence suits you both but it doesn’t mean you have reached the end of the road.

If you know this is the man I want to walk with through bumpy roads, share your moments of high, crack silly jokes, trust with your deep secrets, not wonder how you look in the morning, then you have found yourself a partner – for life. You don’t opt out the minute you have a difference of opinion but what makes things easier, is laying out the ground rules for any fight.

Being in your late twenties in the ever transforming Indian melodrama is not something I want to talk about in this post, but if you have stuck so far without tying the knot, then when you actually take the step forward, trust me, we know what we are getting into. We have weighed the merits and demerits and even picturized most of the fights but still want to go ahead.

It probably makes us more prepared but doesn’t make it easier. So am taking the step forward and opening my doors to the insanity, companionship and the romance. Here’s to me.

I dont beleive in soul mates but i do beleive in the man i’m marrying and may we live happily ever after!!