The art of Skiing

It all happens when the winter sets in and there is snow everywhere. You  want to get out and get somewhere but all you can do in this dreary weather is skiing/tubing or watchin’ movies/musicals.
Since i wanted to be outdoors and i wanted to check whether i have improvised the art of skiing, i was inviting trouble.

Its not that i hate skiing or i suck at it. Its just that i never get better at it, or maybe i do but its definetly happening in a very slow pace. Atleast this time i dint fall as much and i even learnt to get up without taking my skiis off. This was perfect solution for attempting to ski for much longer.

I have learnt that its definetly easier if you are lighter and also helps if u have shorter skiis(would have to push forward harder). You can never trust the ski instructor and you hate him as much as your fourth grade math teacher. It works if you act in reverse to your instincts but how the hell do you do that? It hurts when kids who have just learn to walk jet ski and land next to you when you have almost managed to ski four inches forward without falling. Holding on to a rope with your skis and without your poles to move forward is a sure recipe for muscle ache the day after.

We went skiing in Nashoba Valley, Boston this weekend and although i dint ski really well, i enjoyed it better than last time. The next time i can do it without the instructor, so am definetly moving forward. Mohawk has to wait until next year!!