Reliving moments

Monday mornings were mostly blue… A year ago, the ecstacy of sleeping in for over 15 mins would cause a whirlwind shift to my schedule. The rush to the bus-stop, wondering if its going to be the volvo or the SAP Shuttle, whether i would be lucky to get a place to sit, praying that there are no jams on the way, wondering if my manager is keeping tabs on the no of times i come in late, day dreaming about mondays where i dont have to get set and go, half awake and aware of the crowd, sifting through the work-to-do and the deadlines to meet…. the fast paced life of a working professional!!!

Many evenings have gone by, blissfully unaware off, there have been days when i have never seen the light shine outside, except during coffee-breaks and after lunch walks. Dinners were always fast-to-cook nice-to-eat consumed hurriedly during the wee hours…

Spring could slide to summer and to autumn and slow down at winter without raising a reaction except a sigh here and a shrug there. Weekend trips to Chennai to veg out in my fav couch was always my idea of recharging and the ride back to bangalore was always with a heavy heart.

Now although i miss chennai, weekends are fun-filled and there are no deadlines. I can stand and stare at the sunshine as long as i want.. Bikin, hikin, cyclin.. have time for all that. Dinners are always delicious and we even have desserts that are sinful indulgence. Yet is it possible that i miss that life?

What is it about us? Why do we always crave for the things that we dont have? Why is it that the grass is always greener on the other side? I dont want that hectic life back but i think somewhere along the way when you dont get to work, a part of you is lost.. the lack of identity. Dont get me wrong, i love my life as it is.. but i would also love to do something that would be food for thought!! I need to figure it out, which is why am thankful for the time i have now…  until then… am enjoying the lazy days and the hot home cooked meals!!!