Remember Me?

You wake up in a hospital room and realize that you have lost 3 years of your life. This chunk which has escaped your memory has a husband, a leap in career and a palatial loft-style living apartment. The worst part is you cant remember how the hell all this happened.
Sophie Kinsella takes you through the memory path of Levi a.k.a Alexia for the three years that she had metamorphised.
This is definetly chick-lit category but not a very romantic or a cheesy book. A light read but i wouldnt recommend it if you want to curl up for the afternoon.


One thought on “Remember Me?

  1. I agree. I was completely put off by this book for some vague reason. Btw, in answer to one of your older posts, ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ is a truly wonderful book. Pick it up 🙂

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