Eat Pray Love ===> Endurance

I picked up Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert only because it was in the travel section and it was a journey through Italy, India and Indoneasia. Not to be very critical but this book was a complete disappointment.
First of all i dont think it is really a travel book, although Liz talks about the places she visits, they are not woven together but stand out as big chunks not really belonging anywhere. I also dont think its a book on self-realization – maybe it is but doesnt really potray it.

The author probably thought of writing a book on self-realization and then thought of travelling through three exotic places and ended up stopping mid way. This is why you never get the satisfaction of reading it. The last book i read about Italy is Under the Tuscan Sun, it def was a great choice. Rome is a place of great history, exotic cuisine, world class culinary experience but still so much is lost in translation.

India is prob the first yoga retreat that any Westerner thinks off, but i have read more rewarding experiences than running to the tower of an ashram to let go of past hurt and conversing with god. There is some authenticity missing here. Especially if you have visited Ramakrishna’s ashram you know the level of commitment and self control required to even meditate for an hour.

I have never visited Bali so am not even sure if she has dont justice to this chosen holiday island destination.
Since Elizabeth Gilbert did not quench my thirst for a good travel book, the search continues….


2 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love ===> Endurance

  1. u are kidding me!!!! i so loved the book – i so loved the book.Ok – i agree, i didnt buy the whole yoga story totally. but to go to the particular ashram she is talking abt ( a siddha yoga center), i think u need to have practised it for 2years before tehy accept u (i actually researched this bit on a jobless day). so may be its not like a novice attains nirvana kind of thing.and the truth is – a lot what she does talk abt is what some of the meditation processes do talk abt. (thats my experience talkin, :)… no no – not because i turned yogic, but couldnt escape my mom’s iron will!)i also thought her coming to india for yoga and her perfect ending with brazilian bf a little cliched. and alright – the book wasnt entirely about places. but thats the thing about travel. people just dont want to see places, but what the place does to u. and thats what she spoke abt. but on the whole i liked the book.anyway, i am somewhat surprised u didnt like it. plus – u beat me to a review. see what happens when i get lazy with my blog. 🙂

  2. @Ms.N: I think i dint like this book partly because of the expectations part. I read a couple of reviews and was looking forward to reading it.. But that was the problem. The Italy part was a huge let-down.. after which the India yoga part was a cliche and the Bali part was picture perfect.I do agree on some of her meditation parts and it is extremely difficult to achieve that state of nirvana with jus everyday practice and respect the idea of a guru but somehow it was not authentic. This wud have been a good second travel book not the first!!!!

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