Sisters by Daniel Steel and True Colors by Kristin Hannah all revolve around an important relationship in my life – Sisters. Both were really nice reads.

Sisters by Daniel Steel talks about how a family of girls stick together when their very core is rocked and a freak accident costs more than what they could bear. They stand and support each other when the time calls and learn how to let go and when to stand ground. Four sisters – a lawyer, TV producer, artist and a model all come together for July 4th weekend and never really get back to their lives. Their lives are never the same but they never really complain about it.A quick paced and a very emotional book, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kristin Hannah has been my favourite for a while now and she lives up to the expectations with True Colors. The book is set back in time in Seattle in a ranch – Waters Edge and how three sisters Wionna, Aurora and Vivi Ann grown up side by side and how love is celebrated and lost. Through all this the sisters stay with each other, learn from mistakes, difficult choices and put family first. A very nice Sunday afternoon lazy read with some murukku and burfi 🙂


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