New York Babieee

In true New York style, i state – The city never stops to amaze me.
It was pouring when we strolled through Union Square and Broadway but the weather was not going to stop the city from having a good time.

We started the day with BOOTS. Yes, leather and women are an intoxicating couple. The minute i stepped into DSW i knew what i wanted and although there was lot of distraction, i was focussed on my first love. After a bit of tamil cinema kind of climax we finally found the size i was looking for and headed out as a proud owner of Steve Madden boots.

Now we were in desperate need of coffee and headed towards Veniero’s Pastry Shop. Needless to say, the cannoli melted in my mouth and the hazelnut coffee added spark to the day.

We stopped by Lush which sells handmade cosmetics and some of them smell divine. You need to remind yourself not to taste them. They are handmade and last only a few weeks but that dint stop me from picking up a face pack with Garlic. I know Garlic is a first but the face pack is doing wonders.(I hope so)

We picked up dim sum and falafel for our dinner and headed to the subway. The carts that are parked on the curbside tantalizes your taste buds and i hear some of them are gourmet rated.

Later on, i figured that there is a dessert truck which runs around NYC and they were featured on Throwdown with Bobby flay. Their bread pudding is superior to Bobby Flay’s but its something i have reserved for later.

Rain or shine the Big Apple never disappoints and although we dint party there, even a casual evening is well spent.


3 thoughts on “New York Babieee

  1. I tried but I just could not get beyond the Steve Madden boots. I don't know what to be more jealous of. Lush or the boots or the food that you describe. How long are you there?

  2. hehe – yes new york and shopping and window shopping. how much did u get the boots for. i actually didnt go to lush (which is in bby as well it seems), but i went to this place called Sabon in Soho… looks quite exotic. try it sometime!

  3. @Anu: I think for now boots shd be ur choice@ N: $60..Tan Brown(the color i was looking for). Lush is good, i tried cosmetic warrior – it cleared up my face a bit 🙂

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