The joy of getting it right

These days i’m becoming experimental with cooking. Now you need to know how my cooking evolved to appreciate the experimentation.

2006, Bangalore
Breakfast – Bread sandwich.
Lunch – Dal, Subzi, Rice
Dinner – Kichdi or Rotis with left over dal
Breakfast – Yours Truly. Lunch & Dinner – Roommate’s generosity.

2009, Danbury
Breakfast – Cereal/Muffins/Idli,Dosa/Pongal
Lunch – Veg Curry, Sambhar, Rasam, Curd, Rice & Pickle
Dinner – Rotis with Kurma or Subzi.
All – Yours Truly

If this is not evolution what is. Atleast for me these are giant steps where cooking is involved. C’mon i make kurma, not in the likes of navrathna kurma but Egg Kurma and Peas Paneer kurma.

Cooking started with amma’s e-adichan copy recipes. Or reading and somewhat memorizing Mallika Badrinath cookbooks. Now i can google a dish, surf recipes, pick and choose ingredients that i find most alluring and combine them all. Best part – the end product is still delicious.

Making muffins, Chocolate cup cakes to Mexican flan has elevated me into a seasoned chef. I can make onion sambhar without referring to recipes. Improvised to ginger kuzhambhu which sets your throats on fire and even have facebook friends who want my recipes.

There have been two inspirations for this cooking quest. First when you are trying a new recipe, there is a thrill and when it comes out delicious, you are soaring high in the air. Second when the hujband takes one puddi and says “Man your food is to die for”… SIGH!!(I know, too much illa)

e-adichan – copy cat kill the rat.(somebody can volunteer with the exact explanation)
puddi – one mouthfull.


14 thoughts on “The joy of getting it right

  1. ee adichan copy!LOL!..:D..Meera, every newly married girl does the same..amma or ma in law..for me it was my husband's granny :)Glad to know that you are a great cook!!( according to your better half) :)So..high time you started posting your "creations" here :)..Looking fwd to seeing them ;)..SOON- Nice to note that you make injikuzhambu…oh yeah, that reminds me,I should keep on mentioning that my recipes are 'extra fiery'! :D..

  2. haha seriously, i am happy to be on the recieving end of all the in a gorgeous kitchen with the perfect utensils is a dream in my head. reality is hard work…think i'll still get a cook!

  3. hey meera…great to see the cooking on fire! sure is a pleasure to be cooking for an appreciative hubby!! I used to wonder if karthik is praising it soo much just to get me cooking all the time!! BTW, if u start to consume everythng u cook, u'll expand in no time…this is from the horses mouth!! take care!

  4. @Ms N: Perfect Kitchen is a dream most of us wud share… Having a cook is even better :P@KP: Already down that road…furiously working on the treadmill 🙂

  5. Finally lady! A new template!!! I have to agree though – the old one was more dashing and made quite a statement – alas the statement wasn't that legible 🙂 Not trying to be mean 🙂

  6. Ooh I love writings about food! I would like to cook more too but haha not enough pots and pans in my rented property. Leaving the country soon too so no point buying lol. You enjoy yourself and Happy New Year!

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