CHICAGO – Broadway’s Sure Thing!!!

If you know me well enough, then you know how much i love the CityNYC!! Just walking through the streets, exploring shops and tasting fine cuisine sold @ carts by the roadside – all bring great thrills to my otherwise rotting mind. So when it was a special celebration of our lives together for a year where else do we head??

This time we wanted to finally watch a Broadway Musical. We have been planning and cancelling for a year now and as if it was meant to be – we had tickets for CHICAGO!!!

Ofcourse this had to be preceded by a belly-full(literally) of Saravana Bhawan Full meals. The Mr. even took the time to lift his eyes of the thali plate to recommend entrees to the friendly americans seated next. I did not commit any such mistake – it was a hand to mouth fight.

When we finally walked in to the Ambassador Theater, i thought it was quite small for a broadway theater. After a few minutes, i realized that size did not matter and was completely mesmerized by the performances.
We have all heard and probably seen the Academy Award winning movie CHICAGO, but watching a Broadway musical is a completely different experience that i would recommend.

You can read all about the cast and the songs in their website, so i’m not going to repeat that. I’m also not going to write about the russian who was snoring away to glory two seats away from us, or the wild teenager who was texting her boyfriend in front of me or the man who was secretly clicking pictures from his Iphone even though it is forbidden – this is quite the normal theater going audience isn’t it?

Velma played by Deidre was my favourite. Her attitude and elegance oozed from the stage. You want to laugh, cry and scheme with her and that is the true victory of an artiste. She has a certain confidence about her abilities and a casual elegance that makes you want to watch more of her on stage. She wins us over even when she is losing to Roxie Hart.

When the cast was being credited, all i could think of was how stimulating it would be if the stalwarts of Tamil Cinema sat and watched a musical. They could bring certain class and quality to the movies dished out today. Sigh, i know no matter what i watch it always circles back to one place!!!!

A must-see Chicago – universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz; one show-stopping-song after another; and the most astonishing dancing you’ve ever seen. We enjoyed it and am sure you would too….


Chic-Lits are there for a reason. When you dont want to indulge in the characters, immerse in the storyline, entangle your thoughts with that of the authors.. you grab a chic-lit. These books are a light read, you can start and finish them in a day or hours. The two reasons are sufficient for me to have picked up

  • Hope in a Jar – Beth Harbison
  • How Opel Mehta Got kissed, Got Wild and Got a life – Kavya Vishwanathan

Now i forgot to mention that one of the reasons i like reading chiclits are for the cheesy factor. Like when you watch Alaipayuthey or Pretty Women – there is a very high quotient of cheesiness but also the story is well told. Likewise, the literature shouldnt suffer because it falls into the category of Chic-lit.

Hope in a Jar by Beth Harbison is definetly better of the two. While she wrote the famed shoe addicts series, this one is not very engrossing. And why is it that one of the protagonists are always fat and finding secret ways to lose weight and failing at it miserably. Somebody change the scene and set a new tone. I have never gone to high school in america but from the movies and books i have read, it seems more scary than hell. Friends break up in high school and make up when they are 40.. nice but too late. Worth a read once but if you find something else, please move along. No love is lost in this one 🙂

How Opal Mehta Got kissed, Got Wild and Got a life by Kavya Vishwananthan. If you think you have heard about this author or book somewhere, you are right. This article is an interesting read compared to the book itself. So help yourself.

American Indians or ABCD’s as we refer to them are definetly a confused generation. They suffer in their social life but excel in academics. They are smart but not cool. Opal Mehta definetly fits this streotype and when Harvard almost rejects her for the lack of social life(duh?),she strives to get cool and chic. The parents draw elaborate plans(with pie charts, flowcharts and flash cards) and get their dear daughter to even kiss a guy(american ofcourse). Anything for Harvard that is. While i laughed my heart out watching Bend it like Beckham where indian parents are stuck in the British lifestyle, i can hardle grin at how the Mehta’s plan and plot. It isn’t funny and definetly not realistic(i hope so).

I wonder why Kavya had to plagiarise her work, am sure most of us could come up with this book if we put pen to paper. For each one’s own, but if you want to know what not to do with your kids you can read through this one.