Trespassers should be prosecuted

We live in a democracy which promises freedom and equality to all. It is the same democracy that also advocates privacy. It is appalling to see media exploit this privacy in the name of awareness. Nothing justifies peeping through a person’s bedroom through your camera lens. That is off-limits, crossing boundaries and trespassing. It is for this reason we have the censorship board, government and officers of the law.

The telecast by Sun TV of a Swamiji being intimate with a woman was akin to pornography which should have been censored. It is for this reason that certain uncouth words are beeped out and scenes completely removed from cinema. When one form of entertainment is subject to regulations how can we let the Television which brings news and advertisements right into our homes go scott-free. One can argue that we could always change the channel to avoid convoluting the minds of young and children but shouldn’t the laws hold all forms of media in the same scale?

There are numerous organizations that would resort to violence for certain opinions expressed by celluloid heroes, crimes committed by godmen. We are always ready with weapons to tear down homes, offices and ashrams. Is there not a better way to appease our mind and calm our senses? Isn’t the pen mightier than the sword?

Although it is frustrating to see the world at war in the 21st century, it is even more frustrating to see such blatant acts of evading privacy. Nobody is justifying the acts in question, but it does not give media the power to publish material without care and consideration. These acts are not synonymous with freedom but what is pulling this country back from going forward.

We cannot call ourselves a true democracy unless we hold such acts accountable and along with power comes responsibility. If you trespass, you should and will be prosecuted.