In the time of the butterflies

This is probably the second book i have read about a revolution, the first being Freedom at Midnight.

Books/movies about war and rebels are always enthralling… it takes us to the period of war and the thrill, suspense, remorse and urgency is always near and present.

The Mirabal sisters fight the dictator Trujillo in their own way.. with the wit of knowledge, sharp tongues, ammunition they learn to use and store and through love and prayer. The book also brings out the distinct personality of each of the sisters – Religious Patria, submissive Dede, Rebellious Minerva and timid Maria… their collective spirits and indivijual identities. The regime of Trujillo is not adequately presented although we realize any rule of a dictator is merciless and power hungry.

After wikipediaing the Mirabal sisters, we realize the author seems to have left behind chunks of violence & crime committed against them. Neverthless, the book takes you through their fictional life while being as close to the real one as is possible. This is a chance we get to understand the history of the much touristy Dominican Republic.

I would definetly recommend this book and a review(in-depth) can be found here.


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