Balancing Acts

Yoga is not only a form of exercise but it develops a deeper connection with your mind, body and soul. For four friends who bond through yoga after their school reunion, yoga not only cures their aching muscles but helps reprioritize and refocus their energies to things that really matter and are passionate about.

Debut author Zoe Fishman has captured the personalities of the four women adequately and NYC life is not all about the Carrie Bradshaws and manalos.

This i have to agree with, everyday jostlings, bills and ambitions have nothing to do with the Carrie Bradshaws of SATC… infact it has nothing to do with NYC. Life in the city is more than just that, so i was thrilled to read a book that captures the city life with a bit more maturity and with a little less smoking and bedtime :):)

This book is perfect for a light read and i would definetly recommend it … for yogites or non-yogites :):)


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