Doha, Qatar. Vast expanses of desert, tip of the country bordering the ocean, home of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar is a country bursting with possiblities. And it doesn’t dissappoint. The fact that we had family to provide us with great food and excellent company was a bonus.

Desert safaris, sand bashing is a favourite past time and a tourist must-do here. We can rent a buggy(medium or large) or a Jeep for an hour(~$45). The buggy is easy to maneuver and since you are in the middle of nowhere(literally), speed is a thrill. Many locals drive the buggy over the sand dunes but that is strictly not for the faint hearted. Driving to the dunes, one can spot one too many of the desert’s favourite companions – Camels.                         

Al Corniche offers an excellent beach and downtown view. The promenade around the doha bay is frequented by joggers and is a great spot for a leisure stroll. Doha’s skylines is impressive and the construction boom would only add to it. You could also head to a beach resort(Sea Line) which offers private entrances to the beach. Visting beaches around the world has only made me appreciate, the wonder that is Marina.
The market place in Middle East is often reffered to as Souk. Souks have an old fashioned architecture and have everything to offer from spices, shoes, carpets, clothes to pets. Cafes outline them and smoking hookah is an evening indulgence for localites.
(Hookahs are originally from india but have gained popularity in the Middle East)

Citi Center and Villagio are places to hit if shopping is on your mind.
We missed spending a night in the desert(reminds of Jaisalmer days) and belly dancing. The latter made the Mr bang his head in agony. To each one’s own…