Flop Song!

I really did not want to write anything about Kolaveri di. Enough has been said, discussed, listened to and written about. There is one post about the marketing mantra behind Kolaveri di – Viral marketing claims IIM’s studs. Imagine a class full of MBA grads discussing the phenomena behind the soup song and I thought they would discuss about the tactics involved in marketing holiday gear to lure shoppers… Hilarious!

Although Dhanush claims that he did not had to delve into the nuances of the language and the lyrics were penned in a jiffy, we will not rest until we beat the issue to a pole. We will also not let it go that the lyrics are not in poetic Tamil but is a crass mix of English and Tamil. One of my favourite writers even dismisses the song as a Tamil one. Maybe if it was composed by ARR and been the track of a Kamal movie, these strong emotions would have piped down to a mild flutter and no feathers ruffled?

I like celebrities who don’t pretend. It is so rare that I have begun to appreciate this trait. So when Dhanush accepts that they did not expect the song to go viral, I want to pat the team on their back. When Javed Akhtar pooped on the lyrics, this team did not let it dampen their spirits, they even agreed with him. Because I like Kolaveri Di does not mean I do not like Vellai Pookal.

Kolaveri Di is all over the place. My niece and my father can’t resist taking a swing when this song plays. One talks gibberish and the other has given up on Tamil lyrics. The Kannadasan days are gone but music is music. I don’t care that the lyrics are in English or it makes little sense. It is an energetic, foot tapping and an extremely local song. One that anybody can enjoy. Music transcends language and when global audiences are talking about a Tamil song, I don’t want to delve into trivial issues. There is lot of talent in Tamil cinema and if the spotlight is manned by Dhanush, I’m not complaining. There are lyrical, elusive, haunting and mesmerizing numbers in Tamil but if Kolaveri Di is making people knock on our doors, I want to welcome them with open arms.

Yes Kolaveri Di is a Tamil song. One that has set records in an unprecedented yet peculiar way. I want to embrace this soup song and No I don’t want to get into any lofty discussions. Just let it be. Turn on the music.


2 thoughts on “Flop Song!

  1. And i really don’t want to comment abt Kolaveri di. But. I think the anger is not towards the song per se, but the fact that something of such low quality (or well simplicity) can actually become this popular, all because of marketing. unfortunately, state of the world today i suppose!

    And yes, am on a comment leaving spree today. office policy blocks the comment page and ticks me off!

    • I actually don’t think it is of low quality at all. It did not make any tall claims to begin with and even when it went viral, they maintained the stand that this was way beyond their expectations. So I just thought people should let it go and instead of ostracising it, we should embrace the success story. Sometimes, the people you least expect are the most triumphant and many lack the posture to accept that.

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