Hermes Silk and the South Indian

Some thought it was condescending and cocky, some opined that it was reserved for Bollywood plastic figures. Yet some more thought it was for wallets in poor taste.

Introducing a silk sari at an astronomical price in a country that has been wearing them for centuries together is quite ballsy. It definitely does not strike me as a proper way of thanking the Indian customers. Imagine if I went to Italy and tried selling my pizzas(a blander version) at a sky-high price.

Hermes introduces a silk sari line in India. Clearly, they haven’t met their Indian counterpart – the traditional Kancheevaram.

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HERMES silk and the South Indian

2011 – The Year that was

A New Year is always a great landmark to assess how things went and to plan how interesting life is going to be. Although resolution seems like the key word here, we avoid using it fearing failure.

2011 was a great year for my writing career. Who knew I would go this far? I have become a regular at and I could cook up recipes for a popular bay area monthly. The year end opened doors to yet another magazine for a regular column and to top it off, I could also pen stories in Tamil which seemed like an uphill task. All this has only urged me to plough forward more vigorously in 2012. So get geared up for more reading….

Here’s a list of a couple of countdowns we penned for the year end. Although I don’t agree with the rankings, you can let me know what you think.

Top 20 Directors

Top 10 Music Directors