Coupon Crazy

Every time a mail or a flyer arrives with the word “Sales”, I get dizzy. It annoys me when a blouse or a dress I got for $30 is now $15 on sale. I just feel like whacking my head in frustration. To top it off, people get even more crazy and buy brocolli and beans on sale. If you are as averse to couponing as I’am and haven’t learnt the art yet, join the club.

Coupons have become the smart shopping mantra, another reason to rejoice for the frugal immigrant. Read on…

Women in Tamil Cinema

Women have defied rules to become astronauts, scientists and even politicians. But in Tamil cinema, they will still portray the lusty lover, dormant wife, affectionate mother or the loyal sister. They will remain in the shadow of their male counterparts and will never shine in the limelight on their own.

My latest column is about how the trend of feminist movies and strong women roles is deteriorating in Tamil cinema.

Read on…