Mother’s Day: You’re Worth It

Before I became a mother, I found celebrating Mother’s Day a bit contrived. Off all the 365 days you want to appreciate your mom on just one day? Shouldn’t she be treasured and marveled at on the other days too? Well, we all know how that goes. 😉

My son was born on May 31st. Considering the graveyard shifts, it’s safe to say that I’ve been a mother for 365 days. 365 days of putting him in the front seat and keeping him as top priority. Priority. Children crave routine and to make sure that we didn’t disrupt it too often, we took turns running errands. Casual strolls in the mall, browsing through grocery shelves and weekend trips to COSTCO were a thing of the past. We zipped, zapped and zoomed.

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Mango Mania

02mango190_1Photo courtesy:

The advent of summer was marked with the arrival of pickles. Succulent tender mangoes marinating in hot chili sauce, tangy and tart lemons infused with powdered spices and foul smelling sariba soaked in curd and turmeric. The pickles were packaged under the guarded eyes of my paternal grandmother and came with specific instructions. The lemon was stashed away and except for my father, the rest of us steered clear of the sariba. The war was always over the tender mangoes. The smaller ones were the most delicious, so copious quantities of curd rice were gobbled to cajole my mother into serving more of those mini-sized marvels.

One of the many treats that came with the sweltering heat of Indian summers was the ripe mango. They made the incessant sweating and scalp frying scorch almost bearable.

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The Big One


The Big One It was the first week of May and we were delighted to finally catch some sunshine. As we relaxed in our patio, admiring the flowers that were in full bloom, we started talking about our son’s first birthday. It was a big milestone for him and for us. How did we want to mark it? A quiet dinner so we could do away with a party or a big bash inviting the whole world?

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