Reading Challenges


It’s weird that I have never taken up a reading challenge. I love reading but always wondered if these challenges would constrain me. Little did I realize that it would do the opposite.

examinerPic Courtsey:
As I sign up for the Orbis Terrarum Challenge and the South Asian Reading challenge, a whole new world has opened. Every time I visited the library, I used to search ardently for Indian authors or authors who detailed the Indian diaspora or the immigration life. After signing up for SA challenge with SKrishna’s books I have zeroed in on a couple of them to begin with.

The Orbis Terrarum has also thrown the challenge of reading literature from across the globe. Since I manage to read atleast one book per week am hoping the targets I set would be attainable. But with a toddler in the house, every goal starts to seem elusive. Nevertheless here I go.

mrsqbookaddictPic Courtsey:

If you are interested in either of these challenges, leave a comment and we can discuss and post reviews.


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