Business Travel on a budget


If you know me, then you know that I have a fetish for budgets. I love planning and writing up to do lists. I’m also fairly good at executing but the biggest rush comes from planning. So Women’s Web asked me to write a post about planning a smart travel on a budget I jumped at the opportunity.

I drew up points that I surmised where crucial for travel no matter the size and prioritized them with a focus on small enterprises.

Here is the article. Would love to hear your feedback on this piece.

East Coast Temple Trail

east_coast_temple_trailThis was a different trip.

Worship laced with wanderlust, devotion blending with discovery, heritage mingled with a holiday. And that was how we set off on the temple trail from Massachusetts to Maryland. Have you ever been on a trip that covered only religious sites yet found it reveling?

Read my travelogue as I embark on the east coast Temple trail, written for India Currents – A reputed and highly popular magazine for the Indian diaspora.

To Lean In learn to Lean On

imagesCAFBFPNJTo have it all you need not do it all. Delegation is the key to climbing the ladder of success and that is the secret that Sheryl Sandberg hasn’t shared with us (yet).

Working women should understand the strategy of collaboration to effectively manage workloads both at home and in their careers.

Here are a few tips that I charted out for Womens Web – a website for women who aspire.