Write, Woman, Write!


The path that I’ve chosen is the road less travelled. The choice came when there was little else to choose from. But the decision to continue, knowing fully well that it is going to be uphill, is all mine. The path am talking about is my writing avatar.

I’ve always been a voracious reader but I have hardly penned my thoughts. So when I started writing movie reviews, I was never sure if the words would appear. But they came, at first slowly, then with new found vigor. My first few pieces were raw, unpolished and crying out loud for revision and editing. But I never listened. You see, as a writer, sometimes you can laud yourself too much. So when I started sending pitches and never heard back, I never once thought something could be wrong with the pitches. I always thought that they didn’t know how good I was.

So for months I kept querying with little luck. It is somewhat like serving Briyani to Americans. If they knew the taste and reckoned the process of making it as a labor of love, they would gobble it up before they hear the words Bon appetit!(much like my husband). But if they have never tasted briyani, then expecting them to relish it is taking things too far. Your strategy should focus on making them take that first spoon. So you start teasing them with the aroma, educating them with a little history, titilating their taste buds with the culinary expertise and finally seducing them to submission. Querying is a bit like that.

How could I expect magazines and websites to publish my work if they have never read what I’ve written or don’t have the reason to read what I bring to the table? As a writer, my inherent duty is to write. But that’s not good enough. If I cannot market it, tempt my editors to read the first few lines, then I can never make it.

Mridu Khullar Relph, the award winning author who promises to show the writer the business aspect of writing, is my go-to-guide for querying and everything else in this big bad world of freelancing. She has a specialized e course on querying that got off to a great start in feb. The e course is making its appearance again in April (thanks to the glowing response it received from its recipients). If you have always wanted to get your name published or if you’re stuck in limbo in your writing life, look no further. Just sign here and leave it up to her.

The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money. – Karl Marx

Although writing is a passion that am proudly nursing, am not in it for the money. It is one of the driving forces but not the only one. Writing has given me happiness, perspective and a joy in life that I would have never found in my other desk life. Words are like that.


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