East vs West – The paper trail

The Alternative is an initiative that focuses on sustainable living and for a while I’ve been contributing to their site. But on my recent visit to India, I observed that many practices and everyday living that my parents followed rarely affected the environment. Infact it nurtured and protected it. In contradiction, the western lives that we led in the USA was causing a severe strain to the major players. Yet we were the ones making all the noise and hoopla about going green and protecting the environment. So who was really making a bigger mess and hence had to do a better clean up? This series East vs West is an extension of my introspection of the Indian and immigrant lifestyles.

The first post focuses on paper. Contrasting consumption, production and recycling techniques The Paper Trail urges us to recycle more. Would be very happy to hear your thoughts.


Lights Out!

As a NRI, I have great pride in my home country. I always expect great things from/for India – am not sure if its the nostalgia factor or because am so far away from it, I want to hear only progressive news from home.

So when I heard about the massive power cuts, not only was I filled with rage but also left with a sense of disappointment. When I’m so thoroughly convinced that India is moving forward, such news indicates that we are not really moving anywhere. Inertia is factor associated with poor planning and massive developments. I had to vent it out.

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The i in my life

Without Steve Jobs our lives would have not experienced the power of touch. Here are the top things that he changed for me(for better or for worse)

  • We would be perennially lost. I loathe the GPS but follow the google maps on my iPhone.
  • Morning ablutions would be just that. No Solitaire, scrabble or Hangman.
  • When you are stuck in NYC with a craving for Ethiopian food, never fear when the iPhone is near.
  • Forgot the 50% off coupon, simply scan it from the you-know-which-phone.
  • Driving up to banks to deposit a check. What century are you living on?
  • The iPhone is my mp3 player, quick shoot camera, browser, reader, movie theatre and oh also my phone.
  • When Appa was introduced to the iPhone, he did not need any instructions. What is there to instruct? You see and you touch, so simple.
  • We never carry the chargers for the golden rule that every place we visit will have one. Otherwise it is not worthy of our visit.
  • Everything was just a click away then a touch away. Now nothing is away, except the people.
In one of his speeches, Steve Jobs insisted that you can always connect the dots in your life that leads you to where you are now. At the time I was wary, what dots? I’m here simply because I choose to be here. But as I grew older and life got mean and sly, joyful and ecstatic, sudden and surprising, I understood his words. You can always connect the dots. Its what my grandfather always used to say – Its written, your tryst with fate.