Tamarind City

I know what you are thinking… It has taken me far too long to read this book. A book which is about my favorite place on earth – Chennai. A book written by someone associated with my favorite publication – The Hindu.

I want to say Ghosh nailed it. But I can’t… He gets close though. The book starts off slow and Ghosh ambles on about his love for Chennai and we wait for the book to focus…. On chennai. It does and he ensures that he travels the breadth and length of the city. From St Thomas mount to Sriperambathur, from Mylapore to Marina, from Triplicane to T M Krishna, from Appa Gardens to Amma, from George Town to Gymkhana club. Sometimes we feel that he has rearranged the archives from S Muthiah’s archives. But most of the time he sticks true to his quest.

Ghosh misses two very important facets of Chennai – koyambedu and kollywood. The koyambedu market is definitely a landmark that should feature in a travel book and kollywood is the arm candy of chennai. How did he miss that? Editorial arm wriggling?

But Tamarind city brings alive the streets of Chennai – the cacophony, chaos and the civility. We are painfully modest, traditional yet tech savvy, loyal yet accommodating… Chennai is truly where modern India began.

I read this book on a train ride from munich to vienna and instead of dreaming about the sights in the Austrian capital, Ghosh made me wistful of my filter Kappi. That my friend is a good book.

Star Power

Tamil cinema fans are often seen as rowdy and raucous bursting crackers, pouring milk, erecting effigies and in general doing nothing worthwhile. But when a star uses his clout to direct this huge mob towards social service the results could be monumental.


Dhanush – The Rising Star

It did not take me very long to become a fan of Dhanush. Of course I completely ignored him in the beginning when he did movies like Thulluvatho Illamai & Kadhal Kondein. But there is a certain charm associated with Dhanush…I don’t even know if you can pen charm and Dhanush in the same sentence but this actor is best when he is portraying the struggling son, the lost lover or the wandering slumdog. He has risen beyond anyone’s expectations and this week’s column charts his way. If he keeps continuing this well woven path, there is no denying the heights he will reach.

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ENDHIRAN – Get Ready folks!!!

ENDHIRAN – About time i wrote something about this movie. There has so much hoopla over it that i spent all my time reading about it, watching and revelling…now its time for my two cents.

I’m definitely not reviewing ENDHIRAN ..what can i say that you have not already heard.. 
Right from the time pictures leaked from Manchu Pinchu, audio launch in Malaysia, Trailer release – we have followed the movie’s release and when Endhiran hit theaters – it was Diwali a month sooner.

No, i don’t want to hear about the ticket price, his age, budget etc.. redirect to my review of Shivaji and you will know why.

Rajnikanth has a charm, a personality that will always enthrall his fans and when directors like Shankar understand that and deliver on our expectations, it is a bonanza. We get to see Superstar in our favourite avatars – If shivaji had Billa & Baasha to please our palette, Endhiran has Avargal, Mullum Malarum and the new age scientist. Aishwarya Rai is so tolerable in this movie that i almost like her.

Although Endhiran is not for die hard fans like me, it definitely is a movie par excellence and am i grateful that Kamal and SRK refused. It has set new standards, silenced critics and has once again proved us worthy of being Thalaivar’s fans :))

Next time Superstar movie releases make sure you get tickets FDFS, the crowd, mayhem and the screams will make you understand the adrenaline rush and the brand value of Rajnikanth.

Un Pear Sonnathum, Perumai Sonnathum Kadalum Kadalum Kai thatum… – Ithu eppadi iruku?