Chopped Wings

The H4 visa is a curse, an immigration deadlock that stops smart, successful women from having a fair shot at a great career. The Department of Homeland Security is ambling with solutions but the H4 crisis is wrecking lives especially with the Indian immigrant populace.

Here is the story in detail. Are you suffering from this immigration bottleneck? Do you need out of this situation?
Chopped wings – wasted potential

East vs West – The paper trail

The Alternative is an initiative that focuses on sustainable living and for a while I’ve been contributing to their site. But on my recent visit to India, I observed that many practices and everyday living that my parents followed rarely affected the environment. Infact it nurtured and protected it. In contradiction, the western lives that we led in the USA was causing a severe strain to the major players. Yet we were the ones making all the noise and hoopla about going green and protecting the environment. So who was really making a bigger mess and hence had to do a better clean up? This series East vs West is an extension of my introspection of the Indian and immigrant lifestyles.

The first post focuses on paper. Contrasting consumption, production and recycling techniques The Paper Trail urges us to recycle more. Would be very happy to hear your thoughts.

My element – WATER

BEACHES are my favourite place. The water rushing towards you but never taking you in. The calm of watching the water lap up and down from the shore and having the time for yourself. Where you can forget about what job has to be done, what the manager has for you the next day and where you can forget about all the obligations you have for yourself and for the rest of the other people.

Maybe beaches had a strange comforting and resting feeling in my life. They bring a joy of small things, of when i was young and when you can feel thrilled about the water lapping on my feet.
Some pictures i took of the beaches and lakes in US – Lake Tahoe and the Santa Monica Beach.

Lake Tahoe – a vast stretch of calm water flowing serenly between snow capped mountains.

This picture was taken when we stopped for a pit stop on our way to skiing in Lake Tahoe.