Star Power

Tamil cinema fans are often seen as rowdy and raucous bursting crackers, pouring milk, erecting effigies and in general doing nothing worthwhile. But when a star uses his clout to direct this huge mob towards social service the results could be monumental.

Write, Woman, Write!

The path that I’ve chosen is the road less travelled. The choice came when there was little else to choose from. But the decision to continue, knowing fully well that it is going to be uphill, is all mine. The path am talking about is my writing avatar. I’ve always been a voracious reader but … Continue reading

East vs West – The paper trail

The Alternative is an initiative that focuses on sustainable living and for a while I’ve been contributing to their site. But on my recent visit to India, I observed that many practices and everyday living that my parents followed rarely affected the environment. Infact it nurtured and protected it. In contradiction, the western lives that … Continue reading